Monday, April 6, 2009

Home Home Home Home Home Home

I'm home!

It was fun. It is always great to spend time with my parents (not necessarily in the car for hours.) But,I miss all the animals so much when I'm away. Every night I would ask my husband. "How many eggs did you get?" "Any weird eggs?" "How's Hoover, Kirby, the goats, the chickens, Cleo,.....?" It must drive him crazy.

Well, there were some weird eggs that he saved for me. I have gotten over the disappointment of not being the one to find them.

Hoover greeted me fresh from rolling in something disgusting.

Kirby flopped down for a belly brushing.

The cats were all over me.

I brushed the goats and collected today's eggs.

It is so good to be home!!

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  1. I hope you had a fun time! I have never been to Florida or New York, but I would definetly like to go sometime!We always put our neighbors in charge of the chickens when we are away. They don't call us, but one neighbor even cleaned the coop for us! I'm really grateful we have such a great neighborhood! I didn't even notice you had an emu! Wow, that must be really cool! I have only seen them at zoos! Well, of course your blog is called "its a zoo", so I should have guessed!