Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ordering Eggs for Incubating

I have ordered chicken eggs online for incubating many times. I've never had a problem. I've never had one egg arrive broken. So I wasn't prepared for this.

I knew it wasn't going to be good from the looks of the outside of the box. And there was the letter from the post master saying my eggs had soiled 13 other packages. There was egg yolk everywhere so I was surprised to find that only 5 eggs were broken. Normally I never clean or wash eggs in anyway before I incubate them but clearly this was a special circumstance.

These are Welsummer and Americauna eggs. Will any of these eggs hatch? I'll know by May 9th.

Less than a week after I started the chicken eggs in the incubator I received a call from a friend who had just gotten some pheasant eggs and wanted to know if I could incubate them. So I fired up my second incubator since only one incubator has an automatic egg turner I decided to put half of the pheasant eggs in the incubator with the egg turner and move some of the chicken eggs into the other incubator. My thinking is that the eggs in the automatic egg turner have the best chance for hatching.

I'm very excited about the pheasant eggs. I have never hatched pheasants before and I would love to have some pheasants around the farm.

Here's a picture of the eggs in the incubator. The brown eggs are the Welsummers, the large blue (white looking) are the Americauna, and the small green eggs are the pheasants.

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  1. Hi Cori - I'm Clare from Normanby Nature - have only just worked out how to send you a comment! many thanks for all you kind words over the last couple of months - as a new blogger it has meant a lot to me to know someone many miles away is looking at my blog. The flowers that you posted by the stream are Trilliums they are native to N America and I absolutely love them and have been trying to grow them in my garden but they are very expensive here - about 25 dollars for one bulb which can take many years to flower! Kind regards Clare