Saturday, July 25, 2009

Have You Ever Been to a Place That Was So Beautiful You Never Wanted to Leave?

This weekend a friend and I went to Innisfree Garden in Millbrook NY. The following pictures don't even begin to do it justice. It was once privately owned. The cost to create this amazing landscaping is unimagineable to me. I believe it is impossible to be in a bad mood here. Whatever the cost, it was worth every penny! It is scerene beyond imagination. I found myself thinking if I were a wild animal this is where I would live. Every where you look is an amazing, breathtaking view.And I mean EVERYWHERE! People instinctively paced themselves so as not to run in to other groups. The wildlife was like something from a Disney movie. Even frogs were calm and aproachable. I want to visit Innisfree as often as I can. I want to see it in every season. I was heartbroken to learn that they aren't open in winter! Even the insects were special. Anyone know what this odd looking bug is? There are numerous waterfalls. And water features. The mushrooms seem more beautiful here. I will leave you with some videos.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

One Winged Goose Goes to the Zoo

There is a little zoo near us that has agreed to take the injured Canadian goose. It has a large fenced in pond where the poor little one winged goose can live out a good safe life. Here is a video of the goose at her new home.

I was very careful not to get too attached and never gave it a name. I will miss it. It is such a sweet creature but I couldn't give it the kind of home it needed.

Here is a photo with the white Embden goose that kept it company during recuperation.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Gravity and Hollyhocks

This weekend it got quite warm, really the first warmth of the summer. I was out weeding and decided I could use a dip in the pool to cool off.

There was no one about and no real chance of being seen so I skipped the wardrobe change and went au natural. (There will be no pictures) (I have no idea why it is called "skinny" dipping).

Now, I have known for a long time that gravity is not my friend (not any of our friends really). But bobbing about naked in the pool it occurred to me that gravity is in cahoots with plastic surgeons. Now we all know that life isn't fair, but if it were gravity would have a decreased effect on us as we age.

Here is what I propose, (and yes, I know this isn't scientifically realistic). Up to the age of 30 gravity has its way with you. From the age of 30 up you get a 10% decrease in gravity with every big milestone birthday. So by the time you hit 70 you would get a 50% break in the effect gravity has on you.

Think about it. Your joints would last longer. Back pain could be a thing of the past. I'm not sure what it would do for the face but boob jobs would not be necessary. Plastic surgeons would be against it but they could devote their time to figuring out how to get affordable health care to everyone and fixing serious deformities.

Back to reality (ugh) here are pictures of my hollyhocks. They are really looking good this year thanks to the absence of the Japanese Beetles. (Who I hope have all drowned in the tremendous rains.)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Goats-How NOT to Get Things Done

I don't know what I was thinking trying to get something done in the barnyard while the goats were loose was clearly a sign of impending dementia.

I am working on a pen that will either be for the pheasants or for Peanut to finally get to be broody and hatch something. It is kinda big so I (stupidly) decided to build it in the barnyard instead of building it elsewhere and moving it TO the barnyard.

First Biscotti stole the bag of zip ties and ran off with them.

Then Amaretti managed to get inside the pen, through the door I had just cut.

If they didn't make me laugh so hard I'd really lose my mind.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What Went on Here Today

It was a rare nice day here.

Here's a video of Kirby coming up from the pasture for her dinner. Normally there are rocks in the tray so she has to root around for the food.
Peanut our turkey hen has gone broody again. She has made a nest in the corner under the goats' bench. This little wild goose was injured by possibly a snapping turtle. She is missing a wing and is staying with us for a while. She is going to live out her life at a local zoo that has a safe place for her. This white embden goose is keeping her company. She was the runt of her group so they make a good pair. Here's Apollo. The flash really brings out turquoise in his feathers. Here's a video at the barnyard. Dozer our big tom turkey would like to steal the show. Beethoven is the Polish bantam with the "hen saver" to protect her from the advances of the roosters. I must say I really like the "hen savers." My poor hens were really starting to look ragged.

And now we ride off into the sunset.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Another Good Storm

I would like to thank Mother Nature for not letting the sunshine for a few weeks so that when the sun came out today it seemed like a reason to celebrate.

Last night I took these pictures of an incoming storm. I believe I have previously established my fascination of clouds.

Do you see a big hand in this one? (above)

Like I said, days and days of rain and gloom made today seem like the first time we've ever seen the sun.

July 4th and you need a jacket to be outside watching the fireworks! Love It!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Strawberry Heart & The Kindness of Strangers

If you don't have sunshine you won't grow strawberries.

I was searching and searching for a few berries to savor when I found thisNote the bright blue sky.

Too cute. But I ate it anyway.

I have to tell you all about Dogs with Blogs. Hoover has branched off and started his own blog. He has met so many cool dogs.

Hoover had a post about how his favorite duck was (by total accident) mowed over and basically turned into confetti. In no time at all two fellow Dogs with Bloggers sent him new duckies. It was one of those warm fuzzy moments where your faith in humanity is restored.

Gryff spent a few days with us this week. Here he is during a brief sunny moment cooling off in the pool. (Note the ball in his mouth)

I can't imagine life without animals. They are such a source of joy. If you have a dog or love dogs or love people who love dogs check out Dogs with Blogs.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Horseshoes and Rainbows

Well this (thankfully) doesn't happen every day.
It was one of those "What do I do now?" moments. I saw something was on the tire and I thought it must be a clump of grass until it came around again. I stopped the tractor (duh) got off and took a good long look. I was about a quarter mile from the house so I had to decide whether to pull it out, hoping it hadn't pierced through and would stay long enough to get to the house, or choice #2 leave it in the hope that driving on it wouldn't make it worse. I went with the odds and pulled it out, jumped on the tractor and drove fast to the house.

It was the right decision as the nails had gone in the thick part of the tread and didn't pierce the tire at all.

The rainbow was a bonus after NOT getting a flat tire.

Here I attempt to put the rainbow pictures together.Not too bad.