Tuesday, March 31, 2009

On the Road Again

Well I'm back on the road again.

I flew from NY to FL and now I'm driving my parents from Florida to Ohio. Then I'll fly back to NY.

I miss all the furry babies and I will have an exciting gift waiting for me. I found out I won the b-day give away from Pigtopia!! So a custom pigture (picture) of Kirby was my prize. Very exciting!!!

Here is a picture of a creepy tree at the Georgia rest stop. I have to look up what this plant is that is taking over all the trees.


  1. Hey Cori, Lorene suggested I check this out. The hanging plant is Spanish moss, actually a mass of intertwined plants that are in the same family as the pineapple, but these can live without roots in the ground. They get everything they need from the air and rain.

    Also, the next time you take a sunset photo, frame it so you only have a little bit of ground at the bottom and mostly sky. The camera is self-adjusting to average the exposure between the bright sky and the dark ground, and that's making your sky washed out.

    Take care,
    Connie T.