Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow in the Big City

I took the train. I probably would have made it just fine driving in but why risk it. I took a few pictures with my phone but I have have better ones on my camera that will have to wait until I'm back "upstate." Above is a picture of the subway station at 72nd and Broadway.

In an ironic twist of luck (for me) New York City got more snow that we did at my house. So I actually hit the snow jackpot.

So rare to see the snow while it is still pretty and white here. I have to say that they clean up the streets and sidewalks like real pros in the city. They don't mess around.


  1. My daughter, who lives in NYC and was stuck in TX on the weekend when flights home were cancelled for two days, told me that all the miles of streets to be plowed in the city equal the distance from NY - CA! With 1400 snowplow trucks, they must do an amazingly efficient job!

  2. I love to see snow in the countryside, such fun to snowball and toboggan, but in towns and cities, particularly in my part of the world, it so quickly turns to slush! In England the councils seem so slow to clear the snow, it always appears to catch them by surprise,so not so efficient as New York unfortunately!