Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What Went on Here Today

It was a rare nice day here.

Here's a video of Kirby coming up from the pasture for her dinner. Normally there are rocks in the tray so she has to root around for the food.
Peanut our turkey hen has gone broody again. She has made a nest in the corner under the goats' bench. This little wild goose was injured by possibly a snapping turtle. She is missing a wing and is staying with us for a while. She is going to live out her life at a local zoo that has a safe place for her. This white embden goose is keeping her company. She was the runt of her group so they make a good pair. Here's Apollo. The flash really brings out turquoise in his feathers. Here's a video at the barnyard. Dozer our big tom turkey would like to steal the show. Beethoven is the Polish bantam with the "hen saver" to protect her from the advances of the roosters. I must say I really like the "hen savers." My poor hens were really starting to look ragged.

And now we ride off into the sunset.


  1. I think I am missing the videos! No place to click for one!

    Apollo is gorgeous!


  2. I think I fixed the video. Thanks Stella.

  3. gorgeous place and setting you have!! I love a video,,keep em coming. It is so interesting seeing other parts of the country and other settings. I just love them!!