Saturday, July 4, 2009

Another Good Storm

I would like to thank Mother Nature for not letting the sunshine for a few weeks so that when the sun came out today it seemed like a reason to celebrate.

Last night I took these pictures of an incoming storm. I believe I have previously established my fascination of clouds.

Do you see a big hand in this one? (above)

Like I said, days and days of rain and gloom made today seem like the first time we've ever seen the sun.

July 4th and you need a jacket to be outside watching the fireworks! Love It!


  1. What fantastic cloud shots! I love the clouds too, and luckily the plains of Kansas give me plenty of opportunities for interesting photos.

    Glad you finally got some sun yesterday, definitely sounds like cause for celebration. :)

  2. I tried, but I didn't see the hand. But the clouds are just spectacular. I love them too, and I've never minded the rain.

  3. your US weather is so much BIGGER than our stuff here!
    great pictures!
    would like to see more photos of your pigs and turkeys please