Friday, July 3, 2009

Strawberry Heart & The Kindness of Strangers

If you don't have sunshine you won't grow strawberries.

I was searching and searching for a few berries to savor when I found thisNote the bright blue sky.

Too cute. But I ate it anyway.

I have to tell you all about Dogs with Blogs. Hoover has branched off and started his own blog. He has met so many cool dogs.

Hoover had a post about how his favorite duck was (by total accident) mowed over and basically turned into confetti. In no time at all two fellow Dogs with Bloggers sent him new duckies. It was one of those warm fuzzy moments where your faith in humanity is restored.

Gryff spent a few days with us this week. Here he is during a brief sunny moment cooling off in the pool. (Note the ball in his mouth)

I can't imagine life without animals. They are such a source of joy. If you have a dog or love dogs or love people who love dogs check out Dogs with Blogs.

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