Monday, July 13, 2009

Gravity and Hollyhocks

This weekend it got quite warm, really the first warmth of the summer. I was out weeding and decided I could use a dip in the pool to cool off.

There was no one about and no real chance of being seen so I skipped the wardrobe change and went au natural. (There will be no pictures) (I have no idea why it is called "skinny" dipping).

Now, I have known for a long time that gravity is not my friend (not any of our friends really). But bobbing about naked in the pool it occurred to me that gravity is in cahoots with plastic surgeons. Now we all know that life isn't fair, but if it were gravity would have a decreased effect on us as we age.

Here is what I propose, (and yes, I know this isn't scientifically realistic). Up to the age of 30 gravity has its way with you. From the age of 30 up you get a 10% decrease in gravity with every big milestone birthday. So by the time you hit 70 you would get a 50% break in the effect gravity has on you.

Think about it. Your joints would last longer. Back pain could be a thing of the past. I'm not sure what it would do for the face but boob jobs would not be necessary. Plastic surgeons would be against it but they could devote their time to figuring out how to get affordable health care to everyone and fixing serious deformities.

Back to reality (ugh) here are pictures of my hollyhocks. They are really looking good this year thanks to the absence of the Japanese Beetles. (Who I hope have all drowned in the tremendous rains.)


  1. Whenever I see Hollyhocks I think back to being a kid, when we would take a fully bloomed flower(like the pink one) poke a toothpick up through the top of it, then fasten on a small bud. Then we would float these lovely "dolls" on water,playing Hollywood, I guess. Sixtyfive years later, I remember the fun we had.

    Jo, Stella's Mom

  2. Beautiful flowers! I have never seen any like that where i live. Well, I guess I am not much of a gardener! They are lovely!

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