Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Horseshoes and Rainbows

Well this (thankfully) doesn't happen every day.
It was one of those "What do I do now?" moments. I saw something was on the tire and I thought it must be a clump of grass until it came around again. I stopped the tractor (duh) got off and took a good long look. I was about a quarter mile from the house so I had to decide whether to pull it out, hoping it hadn't pierced through and would stay long enough to get to the house, or choice #2 leave it in the hope that driving on it wouldn't make it worse. I went with the odds and pulled it out, jumped on the tractor and drove fast to the house.

It was the right decision as the nails had gone in the thick part of the tread and didn't pierce the tire at all.

The rainbow was a bonus after NOT getting a flat tire.

Here I attempt to put the rainbow pictures together.Not too bad.

1 comment:

  1. Well they say horseshoes are good luck. I wonder what getting one stuck on your tire means. Must be lucky since it didn't do any real damage.