Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tiny Egg

Getting the eggs is the highlight of my day (most days). That's not to say that my days aren't exciting, just that there is something about collecting the eggs that I love. I always want there to be a lot of eggs and I'm hoping there will be some really dark brown eggs. So I never know what I'm going to find.

Yesterday I found a tiny white egg. I was catching a rooster to put him in with the goats (to give the hens a break) and he kicked up this tiny egg. Now, I know HE didn't lay it. Almost all of my hens lay brown or green/blue eggs. So I'm trying to figure out who laid this tiny white egg.

Here's a picture, from right to left: really big egg (one of our hens is laying twin yolked eggs), a normal sized brown egg, a normal sized green egg, the tiny white egg. There is a second green egg on top.

So who could have laid this little egg?

It could have been one of the guinea hens.

They are all just getting old enough to lay an egg. It would be a really small egg for them. But sometimes a "first" egg is small.

Then there is Beethoven.

Beethoven is a white crested black Polish chicken. I've never really been sure if Beethoven is a hen or a rooster. He/she has never crowed. So I'm guessing she's a hen. She a bantam, and if she is a hen she would lay white eggs. It could be her egg. We named her Beethoven because when she was getting her head feathers she we debated between "Einstein" or "Beethoven" and decided that Beethoven was a name that could go either hen or roo and still invoked the crazy "hair."

Just another picture of the egg with a penny to give some sense of scale.


  1. Cori, I find your posts an absolute delight. I wish I had the time to keep lots of animals again, but as I am " retired" no, my partner and I like to take off in our camper van as and when the mood takes, and with lots of animals that isn't possible. We have a great kennels nearby for the dogs. Who looks after your animals whilst you take a break?

  2. Wow, I have never seen n egg that small! Our chicken, Julia Child, has layed only two eggs with twin yolks. Do you get that a lot with yours? I love the name of your polish! Beethoven! That is very clever! I love your blog!


  3. I just watched one of my chickens lay a similar egg. She is a small chicken and lays speraticly fairly small eggs...and then today I watched her lay a teenie weenie egg. So cute.

  4. True, roosters don't lay eggs because they are male, just like men can't give birth. But did you know that VERY VERY VERY FEW of them can? Like the Asian rooster for example. It lays ONE TINY TINY EGG only once in it's lifetime.
    So it's not impossible that that small egg was laid by one of your roosters.