Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some Sunsets

I cannot seem to get a good picture of a sunset. Every night after putting the animals in the barn I have an amazing view of the sunset. And every night I stand looking at it in complete awe. I have repeatedly tried to take a picture that captures what I see. I have repeatedly failed.

When I bring the pictures up on the computer I am so disappointed. The pictures are nothing like the scene that takes my breath away when I stand out in the barnyard. I have tinkered with the brightness and the contrast, but I have no idea what I'm doing. I just know that I have yet to capture the sunsets I see on "film."

I think it is partly because the pictures never meet up to my expectations that I never get tired of looking at the sunsets. No matter what still needs to be done I always take the time to enjoy it. I love that it is different every night. I'm always bummed when there is heavy cloud cover. It is something I wish I could share with everyone.


  1. Keep persevering Cori, you know I took some sunset photos here just before Christmas and they look amazing, so you have inspired me to make a post on them, keep your fingers crossed that they look just as good on the computer screen, because it does fade them out. I will put them on my other blog http://thoughtsaboutlifefrombeyondthe grave.blogspot.comand give a link to yours.
    Thanks for your last comment on my blog!

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