Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pictures of the George Washington Bridge

Here are some pictures of the George Washington Bridge. I had this amazing view from the Milstein Hospital, which is part of the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. I was in the city to give some moral support to my sister while her husband was having surgery. Once the surgery was over and we knew he'd come through it without a problem I felt like it was OK to take some pictures.

It's funny how I didn't want to take any pictures until I knew he was going to be alright. As if by taking pictures I might make things go wrong or it was improper to take the pictures until we knew he was out of surgery. Strange how my mind works.

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  1. I think everyone's mind works like that Cori, I know that mine does; something simple like say " I haven't had a cold for ages" I know that if I say that then the following day I would go down with a cold I suppose it's tempting fate - Isn't life strange!