Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pheasants - Not A Great Hatch

I don't know what the problem was but I only hatched 6 pheasants.

They are darn cute and very active.

I've looked online to see what might have gone wrong. I really think it came down to fertility. It might seem crazy but I just ordered some more pheasant eggs on ebay to try again.


  1. WAIT You can order chicks online? I NEED DUCKS!!!!!!!

    have you read my other blog

    I am serious - I need ducks in my life....

  2. Where do you live, maybe you could just mail me ONE little yellow chick? I really just need one. I have a lovely garden and bathtub... 8)

  3. wow, I'm going to like this blog, on the run right now, but I'll blogroll you....looks like a great blog...thanks for your visit..