Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Pheasants Are Hatching, The Pheasants Are Hatching

As in "the British are coming."
I have been very anxious about the pheasant eggs because I've never hatched them before. I thought they would break out really fast like guinea hens but it has actually taken them hours to break out. Right now I'm up to 3 out with 6 more pipping. They're not dry yet but they seem more fragile than chickens. They're much clumsier than chicks.


  1. Wow cool! I have never hatched chicks before! That looks really neat! Do youhave to help them outof the shell or do they do it themselves?

  2. Hannah,
    You're really NOT supposed to help them. Struggling to get out of the shell helps them absorb the yolk. I will admit that I have at times helped a chick that has started to break out. Only when they have been struggling for more than 24 hours, and the survival rate is about 50-50.