Saturday, May 2, 2009

Everything is Blossoming

I am officially letting go of Winter and embracing Spring. However, I will not ever embrace high temperatures in the 90s in April. I have not forgiven Mother Nature for that little stunt.

I went around and checked the fruit trees to see what was going on with the blossoms and most everything is in bloom.

Here are some apple buds
still closed up tight.
And here are apple blossoms. My focus leaves a bit to be desired. Must work on that.

Here are cherry blossoms. This is a sweet cherry. I have never tasted one because the birds always get them before I do.

Peach blossoms. These peaches are heavenly. You must eat them outside, bent at the waist so the juice doesn't run down your face.

1 comment:

  1. You had those 90's too?? Me too. The fruit trees blooms are beautiful! We had hot weather then a frost that got most of my Moonglow pears but the other Keifer pears and apples look fine right now.
    Good luck on your fruit.