Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A pair of peacocks

Apollo and Artemis are our peacocks. Like the turkeys someone gave us the peacocks. They were a few months old when we got them and we built a pen for them to keep them for the first six months. This way they came to know the barnyard as "home". When we let them loose I was afraid they would fly off and I'd never see them again. That first evening when we went to close up the barn for the night the two peacocks were in with the chickens waiting for dinner right at "home".

This coming summer (2008) they will be two years old and they could make a nest. Apollo is getting his first "eye" feathers and oh how he likes to show them off. I feel sorry for him sometimes because none of the girls not even his girl Artemis pay any attention to him when he is shaking his stuff.

I love all the birds but I must say that I find watching the peacocks facinating. They have different sounds and calls that I can't copy. There is an elegance about them that the chickens don't possess.

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