Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Meet the goats

For some unknown reason my nieces were promised a goat each for xmas. There's two of them so that's two goats right? Not exactly. We went to the goat breeder and well let's just say that baby goats (kids) are just about the cutest things ever. Of all the goats for sale there were two that I was leery of, one was wearing a sweater and the other clearly had a case of diarrhea. There were 5 others including a mother, son duo who were a package deal. We all fell in love with a different goat and there was no way we could just take two.

When it was all over we picked six goats. So we took all the available goats except for the one with the runs. I was against taking the one wearing the sweater but when we took off the sweater his markings were too cute and he was the tiniest of them all and he needed to be bottle fed. Really what other reasons do you need to want a goat.

We now had two female goats and four neutered males (wethers). They decided on a theme of cookies for names. The boys are Mallomar, Oreo, Nutter Butter and Snickerdoodle. The girls are Biscotti and Amoretti.

Mallomar was the tiny one in the sweater who needed to be bottle fed. He ended up living in my house for four months because he developed an infection and the antibiotics made his winter fur fall out. It was a bitter cold winter and the vet said he wouldn't survive in the barn. It was a very interesting winter and while I wouldn't want to do it again Mally is the sweetest, friendliest goat.

Mallomar was the same size as Mishca.

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