Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Guinea Hens

The Guinea hens are the hardest working creatures on the farm. They roam the pastures eating ticks and other bugs. Keeping the tick population under control is a major job and they are good at what they do. They are weird clownish looking birds, white faced with splotches of color and a "helmet" growing out of the top of their heads. They move in a flock pecking along the ground making strange noises. They are the most stand-offish of all the birds. There's no petting or even getting them to eat out of your hand. They are more wild. But still at night they are back in the barn waiting to be closed in for the night.

Baby guinea hens are adorable fluff balls. Every summer since they were old enough they gone off and made nests in the brush and inn July or August they'd head back to the barn with a string of babies following them. We keep as many as we can and find good homes for the extras. Around here anyone with land needs help keeping ticks under control.

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