Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our four cats

When rodents started digging up the floor of the barn drastic measures were called for. When you have a barn full of goats and fowl you can't use poisons and traps weren't making a dent. So we turned to natural rodent control.

First we found Tiger Lily. A female cat that had been abandoned and needed a home. She is a beautiful grey and black tiger cat who started to work right away. She is good at her job but it was clear that the job was too big for just one cat. Luckily for us word had gotten around that we were looking for more cats. In no time four kittens moved into the barn. Tiger Lily wasn't happy at first but gradually all became a happy family. Sadly we lost the only boy of the group but Scooter was loved while he was here.

Now along with Tiger Lily we have, Ebony, Little Tiger (LT), and Tractor Supply (Tracty). All were abandoned and needed a new home right when we needed more barn cats and it has all worked out well. We love them all and look forward to the time that we spend with them every day. We look at the heads and tails that are left behind as gifts and proof that the cars are earning their keep.

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