Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sheep and Wool Festival

This weekend is the big Sheep and Wool Festival in Dutchess County. It is one of my favorite events. It is a sure sign of Fall.

I was addicted to knitting for a while and I'm always sorry I stopped. I'm thinking this winter will be when I pick the needles up again. I have quite a stash of yarn, (because I also had a major yarn addiction!).

So while I enjoyed the festival I did not allow myself to buy any wool.

I did have an amazing chicken pot pie!

The place was packed.

Here's a sheep that's been sheared.

This one still has his wool. There were a lot of white sheep but not so many of other colors. I like the brown ones.

The white ones do have such sweet faces. I really would love to have some sheep and I know if I started learning the different breeds I'd get way to involved and I'd end up with some rescued sheep.

OK now this is where I could really lose it. Alpacas! These are such amazing creatures. The look in their eyes. They have a presence about them. I would take an alpaca in a blink!

Then there's the llamas. They're like brave alpacas. I would love to have a llama. I once met a llama that stared me down and then let me pet it, and then wouldn't let me stop petting it.


  1. Hi Cori! Glad you are back, will you stay awhile?

    I love yarn too and right now I am knitting an alpaca watch cap in natural brown, its so pretty and soft. I just wish I were a faster knitter!

    Jo, Stella's Mom

  2. All of the above. Yep, I would love to own sheep, alpacas AND llamas. I would love to attend a festival like that, but I'm not aware of any too close to us. :-(

    My grandmother was a knitter, and taught me how... I did for awhile, but gave it up. Tried to start again a few years ago, but I don't think it's for me. Now, my sister is an avid knitter. She's a fiend!

  3. Excellent pictures and post. As a sheep farmer I am always interested to see other's views on these lovely creatures. There's no money in the wool over here though, even though the cost of lamb has risen recently.

    CJ xx

  4. I love llamas and alpacas. We had a llama for a goat guardian once but he wasn't a very good guardian (probably because we made the mistake of buying an intact male for a guardian) so we had to sell him because he chased the female goats all over the pasture. I would like to have another one someday...but next time it will be a female or a castrated male llama.

  5. i LOVE alpacas!
    they tend to have 80's hair-do's