Thursday, January 29, 2009

Three hours of Ice What a Nightmare

Hey, here's a good idea. Let's start out a day early. I mean the weather here in Ohio is total shit, so let's get this show on the road and head south.

Hmmm, I don't know the roads here are still really bad. Maybe if we don't leave too early it will work.

Really we want to get going. Let's leave, say, six a.m.

No I don't want to leave that early.

Fine pout pout.

Seven a.m. ........... Are you awake? Get up it's late. I thought we were leaving early.

I never said we were leaving early. Get out of my room. I'm not ten years old any more.

Nine a.m. car is packed. Everyone last potty breaks.

Did anyone forget anything?

Did you unplug the TV?

Nine-twenty a.m. in car sliding down road.

Nine-thirty back at garage, forgot to put out garbage.

Ten-thirty sitting in traffic 10 miles from house.

We should hit the Ohio River in one hour and ten minutes on an OK traffic day. Today it took us 3 hours and 40 minutes. A fun 3 hours on what I can only describe as a nightmare of living life on the edge and not the fun edge like a roller coaster where you know you're going to be alive at the end of the ride. This was a white knuckle, please I don't want to shit my pants and die here on I-75 with all these other idiots who didn't know any better than to stay home where it is safe and warm. Oh my god look at that semi off in the gully jack knifed and crumpled. I really don't want to die here in Ohio on I-75.

I did find moments to look at how pretty the trees were all covered with ice and snow.

Then in Kentucky the roads got better and for the first 3 hours it looked like something right out of Dr. Zhivago. The trees were so covered they were bending. Sort of magical destruction. I wish I could have taken a picture.

So, night one in a hotel in Tennessee. The magical ice is gone but it is still cold. I find myself looking for animals. I would throw myself on anything furry right now.

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