Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I need to touch fur!

This time of the year for the last 5 years I go to Ohio and drive my parents to Florida. They stay down south for 2 months where it is warm and then at the end of March I fly back and do it all in reverse.

I love spending time with my parents but I miss all the fur babies back home.

I miss Kirby and Hoover the most. But I miss all the barnyard antics too. How many eggs were there? Is Cleo dealing with the snow? Are the goats behaving? Is there any rooster fighting going on?

Has Beaker said anything funny? Is Kirby tearing the house apart? Has Hoover caught any elves?

I managed to get to Ohio before the big storm. I must say this is the prettiest Ohio has ever looked. But I wish I could see how much snow we got in New York.

The car ride down to Florida is always a bit challenging. I don't think we kids were as demanding on long car rides. We are all very happy to get to our destination. And I will say that the mood in the car starts to improve as the temperature starts to warm up outside.

This year I have a new ally. My Garmin GPS who's name is Nigel. I love Nigel and he will be such a help finding hotels and restaurants.

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