Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Whiny Wednesday

Whiny Wednesday was inevitable.

Deep down I'm a whiner.

Always have been.

While I have complained that there has been relentless rain,
that was basic complaining. Now, Mother Nature is planing to turn on the heat.

Some of my least favorite words (OK I HATE these words).




For most of June we've barely had temperatures in the 70's and rarely seen the sun. Tomorrow it is going to be 88 degrees and we have water standing around everywhere so I'm sure it is going to be plenty humid.

It's like a giant birthday party for mosquitoes!

Let the whining begin!


  1. I'm with you! Did you know that mosquitoes are Minnesoda's State Bird? Its a fact, with all the lakes we have, they are in abundance everywhere carrying who knows what with them.

    Stock up on OFF! and carry on,

    Jo in MN

  2. Hey there, Cori(I take it that's yr name?)
    Thank for giving me your blog ad. I love the fact that you are so into animals and have such a range. Although we live in Johannesburg city, I pine after the farm life I came from. Thanks for sharing your animals with us all. I'm sooo taken with Kirby! Hope we can all be friends.
    Take care and lotsaluv
    "Caryl" and Maxdog in sunny South Africa

    ps, I also have another blog...for all the things that don't really go with Maxdog
    (if you are interested)

  3. I am right there with you! I hate mosquitoes and the weather was perfect for them this spring.