Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Hoover

Oh, Hoover. I do love him so. But he is forever a challenge.

He tested positive for erlichiosis last year but never displayed any symptoms until recently.

Hoover has always been a picky eater. We jokingly call him to dinner saying it's "time for a beating." We give him a bowl of food and he just hangs his head like we're yelling at him. Then he lays down and we have to beg him to eat.

I have tried 5 different kinds of premium dry dog food hoping to find something he would like. We give it to him dry, wet with nice warm water. No luck.

Now that he need to be on a strong antibiotic it is important that he has food in his belly when I slip him the pills. So we have moved on to the big nasty, canned dog food.

Nasty to me heaven to Hoover. All this time poor Hoover just wanted canned dog food. And I feel terrible for not thinking to try it sooner.

I think he thinks he's getting people food. I let him lick the fork clean. Then he cleans his bowl.

For Hoover it is all good.And if Hoover is happy and well, then I'm happy.


  1. hi hover, pleased to meet you, you got to eat your food hover, I likes human foods to. maybe your mums can cook u up a stew, we loves stew, buts you got to watch the humans or they hide a bit of dry in it, my little girl Tanya who went to rainbow bridge a few years ago would pick all the dry bits out of her dish even when they were all soggy and swollen.

  2. What a cutie! Yea for canned food.