Saturday, February 14, 2009

Have you been eating poop?

Of all the crazy things that I hear myself say. I know that Hoover, given the opportunity, will eat Kirby's poo. I try to pick up the poop before he gets a chance but sometimes...well...sometimes he gets it fresh from the "oven".

Yeah, it is a disgusting thought. And it is hard to miss "poo breath" when it hits you in the face. It is really bad if he has already started kissing me before I notice. I really really love Hoover so I manage to get over his nasty habits.

Now this reminds me of something that I meant to bring up earlier. During my trip to Florida I unfortunately had many opportunities to visit many public restrooms. I was very disgusted to find in nearly every restroom (I can say that in every single rest stop along the highway I found the nasty toilets) women had peed all over the toilet seat. I truly don't understand why this has to happen. Women! Listen! To! Me! STOP PEEING ALL OVER THE TOILET SEATS IN PUBLIC RESTROOMS!! This is disgusting, rude, unnecessary behavior. It is unacceptable and it MUST stop. I fear that you seat peers are having the next generation of seat peers. You must teach your children NOT TO PEE ON THE TOILET SEAT. I sincerely doubt that you do this in your home or at friends' homes so don't do it in public restrooms.

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  1. I loved your post, talk animals to me and I go all mushy! I have three dogs now, used to have six horses, and at different times have had a pet ram, 2 pet cows,ducks a parrot etc etc must visit you again for a boost!