Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hoover is a puppy with spots

I found Hoover on After Mishca died the house was sooooo quiet it was depressing. Not being greeting by a happy wagging furry tail and sloppy wet kisses was just sad. I hated opening the door to nothing. So while I was getting the Kirby deal going I was also looking for a puppy. I do not recommend getting a piglet and a puppy at the same time. Luckily for me we had Kirby for eight days before Hoover arrived.

Really folks don't try this at home. A true test of sanity is house breaking one animal. Trying to teach two animals of completely different species not to potty in the house at the same time is a total nightmare. Well it could be but Kirby was basically trained and by some amazing force of nature Hoover was instantly house broken. He only had a few accidents and then (wave a magic wand) he was trained. When I think of how bad things could have been I kiss them both. But really I don't recommend getting two young pets at the same time.

Now about Hoover, his mother was found on the street. She is probably a lab mixed with some terrier if one were to guess. Hoover's daddy is a total mystery. I'm guessing dad was a Dalmation.

The first picture of Hoover I saw he was a white puppy with one black ear, I couldn't see his tail in the picture, but it turned out his tail came out of a black patch on his bum and then had a white tip. The rest of him was white. Over time black spots broke out all over him. He is cute, cute, cute, cute, cute. The cute saves him when he is rotten. He has more personality then most humans I know. He is tied with Kirby as the best thing that ever came into my world. I absolutely love him.

Hoover is the kind of dog that little kids can climb on and hug and tug and he just loves it. He likes to chase squirrels and chipmunks. He likes to sit where he has a good view of things and just watch. He keeps the deer out of the orchard. He is just and all around good dog. Some one once said to me that if they could be gaurenteed a dog would turn out like Hoover they would get a dog. He has that effect on people.

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